Robert McNamee, Realtor®



Rob McNamee first visited Fort Myers during a golf outing in 1995. That’s all it took to convince him to stay.

“I liked the area so much I went out that week, and with the help of a Realtor who was very good , found a home, put in an offer, and it was accepted. ‘Went home to Hudson, NH, put my home on the market, sold it, quit my job, and moved to Fort Myers, Florida. I still live in the same Fort Myers home, in an established golf community, with great neighbors, central to everything, with the quality of life that I wanted.”

“The reason people come to this area is for the weather and the lifestyle, from the southernmost winery in the US, the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, to the Everglades. There is great, year long outdoor sporting from golf and tennis, to fishing and kayaking, and spectator sports like pro and minor league baseball, hockey and golf events. The tropical weather enhances nature watching from county parks to Everglades National Park, with a host of tropical birds, mammals and animals.”

Prior to landing in Fort Myers, Rob graduated with a BA and went to work for Columbia University in NY as an underwater photographer. For eight years, he worked a territory from the equator to points south, exploring exotic destinations. “The travel and education I received from this position helped open my eyes to the world and my future. When I started in high tech sales, I continued my extensive travels to many countries. I learned to blend in and take things in stride.”

After 911, Rob decided to give up the traveling life. He’d been pursued for a number of years by a local real estate broker to become an associate. In 2004 he acquired his real estate license and went into real estate sales full time. A true salesman at heart, Rob embraces the challenge of working one on one with buyers and sellers and sees the ever changing market as another adventure.

“When I started in real estate, I went with one of the “big three” firms in the industry.” Costs and outdated management practices caused Rob to rethink his decision. He wanted an agency that was more personal, kept costs realistic, and embraced emerging technologies. His search led him to CornerStone Coastal Properties. “After more than three years, I know it was the right decision, and have never regretted my move. I enjoy working there, the daily challenges and the people I work with.”