Jake Stoutenburgh, Realtor®



Real Estate Jake’s approach is simple. His clients come FIRST.

Jake’s commitment to every client is a custom plan and individual approach based on each client’s real estate needs. For over 10 years, he has successfully represented buyers and sellers with their homes and vacation properties, as well as the seasoned real estate investor adding to their portfolio. With his experience and knowledge of the real estate market, Jake handles every transaction as an interview for the next one.

Jake grew up working on the family farm in northern Minnesota. Family tradition lead him to join the United States Air Force where he served in a Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter Squadron. During his six years of service, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa. Learning to speak German at age 16 came in handy when he met and married Mareike, who grew up in Berlin, Germany. When Jake is not selling Real Estate, he spends his time flying helicopters and enjoying the beach with Marieke and their two dogs, Louie and Rosa.

If you are thinking about Real Estate- call Real Estate Jake.